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Don't do it the old-fashioned way of buy, test, get bad results, trade it in, buy another...STOP THE MADNESS!


Our Better Golf, Performance Fitting program collects data using the Golf Performance Analysis (GPA) session and the Net session to provide you with the best golf club recommendations. The club is built in-house to those exact specifications leading to better golf, faster, for your best golf game.

With this program, we can test the frequency stiffness of your existing clubs. This is because most clubs straight from the manufacturer fit one typical profile. We can use the GPA and Net data to build your new set to the recommendations, then test again with the new set. You will immediately notice the consistency in stiffness and fit. You’ll also notice a marked increase in distance and a decrease in shot dispersion during your next game.

Our club fittings are good for your lifetime…come back next month, next year, or five years from now and never pay another fitting fee!


Our custom club fitting and club building process consists of the following 7 Steps:

1.  Customer Interview

When we fit customers, we concentrate on their current skill level, current equipment, game improvement objectives, and budget. For everyone we look at club length, club weight, shaft flex, grip size, set makeup, and club head design.


By having the right length, weight, flex, grip size, and club head design you will play better golf…FASTER!


It’s important for us to find out more about you and your objectives. Through our initial player diagnostic, we look at your current equipment and swing to understand your current capabilities and what changes are necessary to take you to the next level.

2.  Equipment Profile

Every golfer has a bagful of clubs that they have assembled over the years. Some will match their swing and you’ll hit those shots well. Others will be too soft, stiff, long, short, heavy, light or just plain wrong for the golfer. These clubs will not allow you to perform to your best ability. With 14 clubs in the bag, the chances of all of them matching your swing are slim to none.


For that reason, we measure the characteristics of each club in the golfer’s bag to get a profile of what they are using and get a good idea where the equipment problems exist that could be hurting their performance. We measure at a minimum the club length, flex, weight, swing weight, loft, and lie.

3.  Shot and Swing Analysis

This is the start of the dynamic testing portion of the fitting process. The swing and shot measurements are taken using the golfer’s driver and 6 Iron. The basis of all fittings should be to improve on the performance of your existing equipment. This gives the fitting technician a baseline by which to measure improvement. All statistics should be captured using a launch monitor. If you do not have equipment, you should choose clubs you believe would be a good fit, both a 6 Iron and a driver.

4.  Shaft Selection

The shaft is the transmission tool that delivers the energy from the golfer (engine) to the ball. If the shaft is too loose, like a slipping transmission you will lose distance and control. If the shaft is too stiff or heavy, like a too tight transmission on a sports car you will find it difficult to control. A proper shaft delivers the longest distance, the tightest accuracy, and consistent control.


Our proprietary fitting system recommends the proper weight, swing weight, butt stiffness, and tip profile that will give you the best performance for YOUR unique swing. Light shaft? Stiff shaft? Heavy swing weight? Soft tip? Low trajectory? Low spin? There are many options in shaft selection. The touring pros play shafts specifically tailored to their unique swings because they know the proper shaft is money in the bank!

5.  Dynamic Fitting and Testing

The true test of any custom club fitting is to have the golfer hit the longest, straightest shots they can. While most club fitting systems focus on launch angle, spin rates, and carry distance, we’ve learned the best thing we can do to help lower your scores and have more fun is to increase your accuracy and consistency. That is why our main testing on the TrackMan Ball Flight identifies the club head and shaft combination that gets the tightest shot dispersion. We prove it to our golfers everyday!

6.  Equipment Recommendations

When we get tot he final recommendations for improving your game, we will have shown you how you can improve accuracy, consistency, and distance versus your current equipment.

7.  Order, Custom Build, and Delivery

The first 6 Steps have completed the preliminary stages of custom fitting where we now know what type of club and shafts you need. This is where most club fitters stop and order stock clubs at a set length, lie angle, and swing weight. However, at Golf Etc. of Granbury, we custom build what we custom fit. This is the same process used by the tour players on the PGA Tour.