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From fine tuning to repgripping to repairing, we'll give you an unbeatable experience with on-site, same day repair service!


Golf Etc. of Granbury provides full service club repairs in-house while you wait. We do everything from high-tech repairs to simple re-gripping with a guarantee on workmanship and materials.


Our In-House Club Repair Services Include:

Re-Gripping – We will replace your old worn out grips or upgrade to high-performance grips for your best swing. It’s important to know that the grip tape will affect your swing and performance.


Re-Shafting – We use our state-of-the-art equipment, software, and personal acquired knowledge to get you the right shaft for your swing.


Spine Alignment – We provide top of the line service to make sure your clubs are stabilized and ready for your best game.


Loft & Lie – Most off the rack clubs need tuning because they are made for one typical profile. We know how important it is to fit the club to its owner and we provide experienced service to give you just the club you need.


Flexibility – We use specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to measure your shaft’s flex in order to maximize your swing speed.


Consistent Matching – We can tailor your equipment so that each club has consistent flex throughout the set.